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      Wenzhou Futian Stainless Steel Pipes Co. Ltd is located in Wuyi industrial Zone, Shacheng,Longwan District,Wenzhou City.The company has introduced internationally advanced whole set welding,internal and external weld pass technology and equipment including cage type molding,multi-cathode welding,internal and external weld pass treatment,inrernal and external mirror polishing etc.The production is carried out in strict accordance with standards such as China GB151.USA ASTM,japan JIS and Germang DIN.The quality products is controlled by adopting ISO9001 quality system certification management mode.The company is equipped with eddy current inspection. hydraulic test,technology performance inspection, intergranular corrosion and metallographic inspection.With high technology content of products,comparing with stainless steel seamless pipe cold drawing and cold rolling.The products have such advantages as stable and accurate product materials,even wall thickness,high precision, no damage and pit of internal holes,good quality of internal and external surface and low hardness for directly manufacturing bends,tees and relevant fittings.The products sre widely applied in petrochemical industry,beer,pharmacy,food,dairy,beverage and light textile etc.industries.We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartful thanks for support and favor from people of all circles at home and abroad.

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